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37 hashers in attendence:
Wil U Suck *Hare*
Swamp Guinea *Hare*
Always Comes First
Ballerina Booty Boy
Blue Ball Special
Bone Hole
Bunny Tuna
Busted Cherry
Chew Chew My Caboose
Cornholio Caliente
Dain Bramage
Davey Crochet
Double Suck (PL)
Foreign Lesion
Friar Fuck
General Erectdict
Hello Titty (BS)
Lawrence of a Labia (PL)
Little Easy
Minnie Brew
Mommy made me cum (PL)
Read My Boobs
Smirnoff Trail (PL)
Snail Trail
June Cleavage
Fucked all Afternoon (BS)
Social Retard (Austin H3)
Ginger Snatch (BS)
Pussy Pilot
So Many Holes.... (BS)
Penis Williams
Hired Snatch
Sanitary Not!
Holy Dick
Just Brandon (Virgin)

69% of all statistics are made up on the spot. ~Unknown Hasher

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